More Amazon quotes

A few more quotes picked up while reading customer reviews on Amazon. Capitalization, punctuation and spelling are as was.

  • He sang with such clarity and purity and made such a simple opening very moving. And the bagpipes were unexpectedly a very nice instrumentation for the piece.
  • This man has THE most amazing voice! Until Alfie, I thought no one could match the great Pavoratti! 
  • The duets with J Lo and the deceased Edith Pilaf are especially good.
  • I didn't think too much of this CD but confess I bought it for the track " Time to Say Goodbye" as I am preparing the music for my funeral service and I would like to go through the curtains to this one!! 
  • Disappointed! No challenge. The same tempi and the same mood with a huge tutti at the end with a cheap modulation. Sorry, don't take it negative!
  • The listener can feel it and embrace it without relying on pesky words and literal translations, which brings a whole new level to music listening.
  • All of these other people on the board that gave it a low score, obviously need a hearing aid and a heart. Blessings
  • Beautiful voices like Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, and Charlotte Church are among the pioneers that forced the bigger names (Pavorotti and other opera stellars) to rethink their music capabilities.
  • Some prodigies survive puberty. After all, Joshua Bell is still going strong, and Franz Schubert managed to get over his childhood choirboy stardom to produce some pretty decent music.
  • This will be a limited review as I could only listen to about half the songs on this CD before I began to get ill.
  • And what does that mean she can't reach the high notes? Of course she does. Otherwise she wouldn't sing the songs would she? tzzzsss.
  • The Flower Duest ain't me, but Charlotte is. I am buying one on-line right now for my Aunt Grace.
  • After listening to a multitude of different divas, including Streisand, Fabian, Battle, Brightman, & Fleming, I find it very difficult to rate Charlotte Church.
  • The Flower Duet is the best I've ever heard. How nice it would be if there were another soprano to duet with, but none are in her league so she goes it alone to brilliant effect. The Laughing Song is equally awesome, especially at the end.
  • The "Flower Duet" is an echo of ecstasy which can memorize you into a thoughtless existence, then it flows nicely into "The Little Horses," a vibrant lullaby.
  • The operatic sound she produces is good for opera songs, but not classical music.
  • Is he singing about ravioli? I wouldn't know, I don't speak Italian.
  • If you do not feel the thrill hill in Sancta Maria, you, my friend, are playing entirely too many video games.
  • You can't go wrong with this guy. He's gorgeous, blind, has a big basket and a beautiful voice to boot!
  • Looking for Holiday Music for a dinner party I went to Amazon and typed in Christmas CD. This CD came up as a Christmas choice. It doesn't sound very much like Christmas music to me. The value and shipping were very inexpensive so the sound of it was my only disappointment.
  • My wife loves him. To me, he sings like he thinks a key is something you stick in a lock. We've decided not to talk about it.
  • He is by far the worst tenor I have ever heard trying to sing "Nessun Dorma", with the possible exeptions of Michael Bolton, Aretha Franklin, and Sarah Brightman.
  • ... the long diminuendo on the aria's final high B-flat is stunning (whether or not the engineers were twiddling with the knobs, we'll never know)."
  • ....if a good timber voice is all you want for opera this here you go...
  • I like a good pot of ragu bubbling on the back burner, and that's Bocelli.
  • I play it on my computer at work, and my co-workers say things like "Hey, we're cultured, too. We heard this on Bugs Bunny!" And while they are not exactly opera buffs, they also enjoy this CD.
  • I read your "Romanza" review and the part about Andrea sounding like a constipated goat angered the hell out of me.
  • The only thing I don't understand is why would a man take on the name Andrea, with an "a" at the end. We can understand Andre, as in WWF's Andre the Giant. A lady co-worker of mine is named Andrea. Lest anyone thinks he's... Well, he couldn't be more manly than having a wife and two kids.
  • And the bottom line, in life is, Villazon has got more money than any of us or most people, and gets more chicks than us, and most people, so who is having the last laugh huh? That is the bottom line in life eh? Look at history, so that's not my opinion
  • Of all the operatic numbers my favorite has to be "Ode to Joy". I have to admit though the singers have a terrible tendency to caterwaul on the songs which can be quite disconcerting for these ears. On the other hand the same can be said about a lot of opera singers as well as modern pop singers.
  • To me, Sarah is a very talented parot that can hit high notes. Period. Now getting back to Emma (who happens to have the same name as my daughter). This is a hot chic who sings with PASSION, and has the capacity to make you melt as you listen to her angelic, erotic, sensual, voice.
    She makes my back crack
    My knees freeze
    And my liver quiver. 
  • His color is right in sink to the song being performed, dark or light, and all shads around those as needed
  • She has no business being on the same album of Andrea's caliper.She sounds as if she's giving birth.This beautiful song was ruined by her.
  • A friend of mine gave me this CD as Christmas gift. After listening to this CD, I have the better tolerance to the terrible music..
  • This was a purchace for my mother, to replace one that the dog had chewed up. i'm soo glad amazion had it.
  • This is Popera, not opera, so if you are an opera snob, go watch the fat lady with the big Brunhilda hat.
  • Aside from one or two high notes that are clearly more Tenor than Baritone, this is wonderful singing.
  • More sexed up than Blairs' dodgy dossiers, Mr. Watson is thus presented, et al, described and introduced by Al Fayed at a recent 'Classical Awards' ceremony as possessing a "better voice than Pavarotti". Which is analogous to describing the Grimsby second eleven as better than Manchester United.


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