Mamali Shafahi - Daddy Sperm

Galerie Nicolas Silin

"Daddy Sperm, an installation combining multiple videos with related objects, is the culmination of two years’ reflection on the “miracle” of life - how a simple drop of liquid becomes a living being ; on the cycle of life and the cycle of artistic creation; and on the relationship between parents and offspring.

"The videos involve the artist’s parents directly in the artistic process, and during the project Shafahi persuaded his father to take up drawing for the first time, so they could compare their creations side-by-side - the installation includes some of the drawings. In the videos, Shafahi carries his parents off into an imaginary world so far from their everyday reality that they, Shafahi’s creators, are re-created by him, their son, as virtual characters in a self portrait of the artist."

Galerie Nicolas Silin
13 rue Chapon, 75003 Paris, France.

Opening: Saturday October 19
4 to 9 pm.


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