The Castrato Project

The Stile Galante baroque orchestra, under Stefano Aresi, plans to record a new CD with Ann Hallenberg devoted to one of the most famous, celebrated and important castrato singers of Mozart's age:

Ann Hallenberg
"Thanks to years of research we discovered the most extended collection ever found of original embellishments, da capos, cadenzas, variations connected to a single castrato's repertoire. The aims of our project are to record this music, to publish it in critical edition and to prepare a 50-minute documentary on this extraordinary discovery. We are going to record this music with original instruments, with the exact number of players of some of the orchestras originally performing the operas, with a choir, and in a theatre in Bergamo (Italy) perfectly preserved in its original shape. We found resources to pay the research work and the publication of the music, but we need to find some more funds for logistics, accommodations and travels for the musicians arriving for the recording from all over Europe. We need your help, and we really hope you will join us, on the frontline, to take this wonderful and dazzling discovery to all music lovers' homes!"

To read more about the project and contribute, as I have, click here.
To see and hear Ann Hallenberg singing arias for Farinelli by Broschi and Porpora, click here.


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