Gerard Mortier 1943-2014

He was infuriating, but perhaps that's partly why, in the end, we liked him and ended up missing him. Of course, there were (and still are) other reasons...

" ... la ligne neuve ouverte par Mortier.  Celle de renouveler l’Opéra, de le rendre contemporain et nécessaire, plus ouvert sur le monde d’aujourd’hui et à toutes les couches de la population sans perdre l’exigence de qualité..."

La Libre Belgique

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  1. Great admirer of Gerard Mortier , as a leading opera director , and his inovative concept of a modern opera , open to the productions of XX and XXI and open to the great public. I agree and support your post and this excellente report " Mort de Gerard Mortier , directeur d´opera iconoclaste et visionnaire". I met him several times in Paris and I great moemmopries of him and his work.


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